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Commercial Acting Workshops

taught by
Commercial Casting Director
Stuart Stone



Find out what casting directors are looking for and see your audition through their eyes. In this interactive, on-camera workshop, Stuart will show you his method for increasing your callbacks and bookings.


Stuart is available for private consultations with actors who are seeking professional guidance. If you would like to work with Stuart one-on-one, click the link below to apply.


Keys to Commercial Acting Website

The Keys To Commercial Acting - Volume 2

Discover what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of acting with this comprehensive guide from casting director Stuart Stone. From years of casting commercials, live events and films, Stuart explains what casting directors, directors, and producers are really looking for.

How to Get Booked from your Self Tape Audition

How To Get Booked From Your Self Tape Audition

This ultimate guide to mastering the art of self-taping is filled with expert advice and best practices that will help you make a lasting impression and get noticed by casting directors.