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aisha holden"Stuart and Matt are so great, having their real time honest feedback is incredibly valuable. Stuart doesn't sugar coat, but is very understanding in his approach. This class is great for any actor who feels stuck in a rut. 10/10 would recommend."

- Aisha Holden

"This Class is absolutely amazing , Stuart has provided me with everything i need to feel confident in going out there to book jobs. every bit of energy and support has been genuine and real . i highly suggest everyone take this course if you truly want to be a successful working actor."

- Eric Salamone

"Walking through the self tape auditions were invaluable! It allowed students to see examples of concepts in practice and to see what others might be submitting."

- Bethany Netzel

"This class brought to light all the nuances of what casting directors look to expect from the self tapes from todays actors. This was very insightful."

- Akeem Smith

"Stuart Stone's Kids Workshop offers a welcoming learning space for young actors. The month-long virtual class covers acting exercises and various techniques to prepare your child for future auditions. Mr. Stone shares a significant amount of his time to ensure that students and parents end the class armed with invaluable knowledge and incredible resources."

- Liam Locke

"I learned so many gems and new skills I will now apply to my audition process, like the "Comma" method, that will polish my delivery and over all better show my range."

- Farvelis Rodriguez

"The workshop is very straight forward and informative on how the business works and how to maximize your value in commercial area. One of the best workshops for your money that i have been apart of will take the information to better myself within the business. Thank You!"

- Derick L Hale

"Very practical information and suggestions for for understanding and approaching today's commercial auditions"

- Wayne Jay

"Still smiling ear-to-ear after taking Stuart's class. Not only was it filled with nuggets of useful information, the student's benefitted from reviewing other classmates' work, as well. Stuart brings his humor and heart to everything he does. His expertise, keen eye, and years of leadership in the business sets him apart from the rest. Matt will even lend a helping-hand to make sure you're tech savvy, too. It's time to connect with Stuart and shift your callbacks---to BOOKINGS!"

- Kristin Connors

"The class is jam packed with practical information and lots of tips taught by people who really care and want us to succeed! Thanks Stuart and Matt!"

- Mike Mizwicki

"I feel like I have more of an inside edge as far as auditioning for commercials go - the course was well organized. I appreciate all of the time that Stuart and Matt took with us. And it was great to have the pre class tapes to watch and learn from. I would totally recommend."

- Colette Christian

"This class was fun, practical, and full of great tips that I’ll be able to apply to my commercial auditions in the future."

- David J. Lee

"Thanks to Stuart's expertise and frankness, I was able to fill in some of the gaps I had when it comes to Self taping commercial auditions. The tools I acquired from the workshop will definitely help me with my auditions. Can't wait to put them to use!"

- Adriano Vasquez

"Stuart Stone's Mastering the Commercial Audition class was an incredible amount of useful information packed into 4 hours! Stuart taught us industry best practices, gave candid advice, shared his experiences, and instructed each of us in a lot of valuable detail on exactly what we should and should not do and how we can personally improve. Stuart (and Matt, who was assisting him) stayed way late after class on a Saturday until they answered every question, and they kindly offered that we can e-mail them with any follow-up questions in the future. It truly felt that Stuart was advocating for each of us to be as successful as we can possibly be. I can honestly say that this was one of the most valuable acting classes I have ever taken."

- Natasha Landow

"Amazing amount of information. Gave me a very good understanding of how the Audition process works.Stuart was genuinely concerned that we understood what he was trying to teach.It was probably worth twice the price."

- Michael Pratt


"I have had many students take Stuart Stone's class. I have had nothing but amazing reviews, and positive feedback from each actor. They have felt Stuart cares deeply about his students, wants them to learn everything they can to book and gives them the extra care they deserve. I highly recommend this class to any actor, newbie or veteran!"

- Jaime Love, Love Talent

"When our talent needs a commercial class, Stuart is always at the top of our list! He not only has his finger on exactly what is going on in the commercial world and what casting is looking for, he is also incredibly honest and goes over and beyond with all his students to make sure they all "get it". He really cares...which makes him a rare gem in the industry!"

- Shannon McArdle, Taylor Talent Services

"Stuart has worked with my Actors for years. His knowledge is EXACTLY! What actors need to book and understand the skills in commercial Acting. A master in commercial Technique!"

- Peter Kallinteris, Peter Kallinteris Agency

"Stuart's class is one of my favorites to send people to! Whether you are newer to the business or a pro who has been at it for years, his class and casting background will help you fine tune your audition technique to turn those auditions into callbacks, and callbacks into bookings!"

- Sumer Park, The Park Agency

"As a long time successful Commercial Casting Director, Stuart is very experienced and well versed on what it takes for an actor to 'book the job'. His classes over the years have helped actors of all levels succeed in their commercial pursuits."

- Hugh Leon, Coast to Coast Agency

"Stuart's experience in this industry is extremely valuable to Actors. He always gives the honest and effective truth on how to improve their skills and their craft. Would highly recommend his class to get you to the next level!"

- Blake Viglione, Aqua Talent

"Stuart is amazing, many of my clients have taken classes with him throughout the years and I have noticed a marked improvement in their success rate after doing so, highly recommend!"

- Tim O'Shea, Activity Talent

"I know that when I recommend actors to Stuart, they will walk away being stronger performers and better equipped for commercial success."

- Blair Taylor, Taylor Talent Services

"You have worked with the rest, now learn from the BEST!!"

- Linda Townsend, Linda Townsend Management