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Master the Audition
Book the Job


Hosted on Zoom w/ Casting Directors Stuart Stone and Matt Sweetenham


Early in his casting career, Stuart realized that many actors missed the mark in their auditions because they didn’t realize what casting was really looking for. By providing his insight from inside the casting office to some friends and seeing their subsequent success, he realized he could teach the tools to help actors understand how to deliver a great audition and help them get more bookings with more consistency. So Stuart developed a groundbreaking class (and wrote a book) that has consistently delivered unmatched results.

This class is that class, born from the success of his initial workshop, updated to encompass the evolving industry landscape up to 2023.

Insider Insights: Benefit from Stuart’s firsthand experience in casting for renowned brands like Bud Light, United Airlines, Pizza Hut, and many more. Understand what casting directors are truly seeking and gain a competitive edge in your auditions.

Personalized Coaching: Stuart’s direct, honest, and empowering approach to feedback goes beyond generic advice. In this 4-hour, interactive class, you’ll receive personalized coaching tailored to your unique strengths and challenges, whatever stage of your acting career you’re at, whether you’re just starting out or an established professional looking to fine-tune your skills.

Consistent Booking Strategies: Stuart’s results speak for themselves. Learn the tools and techniques that have consistently helped actors secure bookings with greater consistency. Understand the subtleties of commercial copy and refine your audition approach for more consistent success.

Eliminating Doubt: Fear stands between a lot of actors and real success and leads to insecurity and uncertainty, and in the audition room it shows. With the tools you’ll learn at the Commercial Workshop, you can leave you fear in the waiting room and embrace your auditions with the excitement and energy they deserve.

Stuart’s favorite part of casting is booking actors on jobs. This workshop is your opportunity to tap into what he has learned from casting thousands of actors for countless commercials, and his deep understanding of what it takes to consistently book roles.

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